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Environmental Management Plan
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Rain Water Harvesting

Waste Minimization and Clean Technologies

We evaluates the possibility to reduce the emission or discharge from the production or manufacturing unit with less discharge or emission from production unit the Required External treatment would be less and huge investment of company can be reduced to some minimal cost. • Waste Must Be Reduced at the Source • Waste Minimization through Industrial Process Modifications • Innovations in Products and Technologies • A Cleaner Technology Strategy • Management and Control Strategy for Solid Waste • Hazardous Waste Utilization • Ecological Agriculture and Circulation Technology • Low- and Non waste Technologies • The Development of Clean Technologies • The Development of Clean Technologies • Methods to Achieve Low-Waste Technology • Process Chemicals and Raw Materials Recycling • Application in Pulp and Paper Industry • Water Reuse and Recycling • By-Product Recovery • Pollution Reduction by Process Chemicals Change

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