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Commonly known as TUBE DECK MEDIA / Lamella Pac / Settling media

We Richa Environmental Services Private Limited , known for best and cost effective water and wastewater treatment plants offer Tube Pac Media / Tube Deck Media for the Clarifiers eg Tube settler , lamella clarifier , conventional clarifier

Tube settler media is a PVC tube settler for increasing the settling surface area for the solids . This is the economical method of increasing clarifier 's performance and efficiency. Tube pac media is installed within the settling tanks.

TUBE Pac Media decreases the effective particle settling distance. Wide Application of tube settler media includes
1. Sewage Treatment Plant
2. Solid Liquid Separation
3. Effluent Treatment Plants
4. Coal Mines
5. Fruit juice industry
6. Textile Industry
7. Paper and pulp Industry
8. Wet Scrubbers
9. Mineral processing industry
10. Thermal Power Plants

We cost for best quality products , We do not mix our resins

Technical Details

for Media type , Cross section of Media , Angle of inclination , specific settling area , settling velocity , straight height of media angle correction , hopper slope , total no of hoppers , hopper depth , total volume of tube pac media