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Sewage Treatment Plant
Design Sewage Treatment Plant Process
We are the leading company who design STP ( Sewage Treatment Plants ) / Waste water treatment plants considering all engineering aspects of the plant , We Manufacture STP Plants as per site conditions and within time
Platinum Series with 100 % money back
We are World's first company to offer 100 % money back offer upto 50 KLD STP , on Platinum Series of Plants
We provide Different Types of Wastewater treatment plants
We offer STP / ETP ( Effluent Treatment Plants ) with latest technologies to name a few technologies are SAFF based Treatment Plants for waste water , MBBR , Advance Treatment Plants etc with automatic operation semi automatic operation or manual operation as per the requirement of the Clients /customers and as per site conditions and area available small or large MBBR Sewage Treatment Plant fluidized bed bioreactor FAB Sewage Treatment Plant Submerged Aerobic Fixed Film SAFF Reactor Sewage Treatment Plants Membrane Based Sewage Treatment Plants
Compact Sewage Treatment Plant
for small space we offer package type compact Sewage Treatment Plants or containerized Sewage Treatment Plants
Zero liquid Discharge Sewage Treatment Plants
Term “zero discharge” in water and waste water treatment plants, meaning total water recycle. Zero discharge is total recycling of water and wastewater within an industrial system, and elimination of discharge of toxic substances , into the environment / drainage. Our Products are the outcome of engineering designs and calculations
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Upgrade / Upgradation of Existing Sewage Treatment Plants with latest and new technology
Is your STP Plant is giving foul smell ? Not meeting the parameters of Pollution Control Board ? Output water is milky white ? Sludge is not forming ? Is your STP Conventional STP without any technology ? Than Call us for new Sewage Treatment Plants. Our Company Design Manufacture and install Sewage Water Treatment Plant STP and ETP Effluent Treatment Plants
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Sewage Treatment Plant


We offer our Clients Sewage Treatment Plants ( STP ) / Domestic water and Waste Water Treatment Plant that meet their issues regarding wastewater generations in Industrial , Institutional and Commercial Sectors. Our solutions include independent review of alternative technologies , troubleshooting , investigations, , consultant support and Cost effective and efficient STP in Low cost we provide the best Sewage Treatment Plant. Our Company Richa Environmental Services Private Limited provides the most recent and advanced technologies to our clients using chemical and biological process. Sewage Treatment Plant ( STP ) Technologies such as / Types of sewage treatment plant
  • Submerged Aerated / Aerobic Fixed Film (SAFF) Reactor for lower operation and maintenance costs
  • Fluidized Aerated Bio (FAB) Reactor Easy installation
  • Bio-Towers
  • MBBR Moving Bed Bioreactor
  • Membrane Bioreactor MBR
  • SBR
  • Bio-Reactors (Aerobic & Anaerobic) and many more

Role of microorganisms in Sewage Treatment Plant / Activated Sludge Process

Principal Microorganism involved in breaking down organic matter in wastewater : Single Celled Bacteria . Bacteria adsorb to wastewater solids and produce enzymes which break down organic solids into nutrient form , that is absorbed into cell . Other microorganisms like fungi , protozoa, algae , rotifers and nematodes are also important in biological treatment . Bacteria grows in many shapes : round shape , rode shape , spiral shape , comma shape or budding shape. Bacteria are small 0.5 - 1.0 microns by 1..0 - 5.0 microns , single celled protista , pH required in between 6.5 to 9.0 for optimal growth of the bacteria . These bacterias are aerobic anoxic or anaerobic . Majority bacteria used in activated sludge are facultative .

Effluent Treatment Plant

effluent treatment plant
We are the leading Manufacturer of ETP ( Effluent Treatment Plant ) in India , Delhi ( capital of India ) . We offer a wide range of process for removing and recycling the water / Wastewater , chemicals and recovery of precious metals . Our effluent treatment plant are designed on the basis of detailed evaluation of process considering all physical chemical and other parameters which can affect the process For suggesting proper treatment method for the ETP metals and toxic ions need to be known before hand. The equipments are fabricated under the strict quality control. click to know more


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Our other Products

Moving Bed Bioreactor (MBBR) / Sewage Treatment Plant /Lamella Clarifier/ Tube Settler / Bio Pac Media / Membrane Bioreactor / Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) / Reverse Osmosis / Mineral Water Plant / Demineralizer Plant / Ultra Filtration / Water Softening Plants/ Activated Carbon Filter/ Pressure Sand Filter / Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF)