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MBBR Moving Bed Bioreactor
MBBR Sewage Treatment Plant Process
MBBR is a process used for the treatment of sewage wastewater and for the effluent treatment plants - MBBR technology is the best technology for larger volume of flow - Any wastewater treatment plant that is bigger than 500 cubic meter day can be designed on the basis of MBBR technology.
Membrane bioreactor MBR based STP ETP
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Moving Bed Bioreactor MBBR

Moving Bed Biological Reactor We offer Sewage Treatment Plants & Effluent Treatment Plants based on high quality Moving Bed Bioreactor. Commonly known as MBBR Treatment systems or MBBR treatment Plant.
MBBR technology is based on reactors that are filled with plastic carriers known as MBBR media and one meter cube of MBBR media provide 400 to 500 meter square surface area , This surface area provided by MBBR media is colonized by bacteria that grow into a reactor media / biofilm.
The MBBR Sewage Treatment Plants and Wastewater Treatment Plant's reactor are operated under aerobic conditions for the conversion of organic matters . During operation, the MBBR media / Bio film are kept in constant circulation via air blower through the action of air bubbles .

Features of MBBR Technology

1. Provides extra surface area to the reactor
2. Media / MBBR provide adequate conditions for the growth of bacteria
3. Existing plant can be upgraded without increasing the footprint

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