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membrane bioreactor mbr based sewage treatment plant
MBR Membrane Bioreactor
Membrane Bioreactor MBR Sewage Treatment Plant Process
We design and manufacturer Membrane Bioreactor Sewage Treatment Plant STP
Membrane Bioreactor MBR Effluent Treatment Plants ETP
We design and manufacture Membrane Bioreactor based Effluent Treatment Plant
MBR Membrane Bioreactor is best for replacing tertiary treatment
Removes TDS TSS and produce fine quality treated water to be reused and recycled in the process
Feel Free to contact us for MBR process design
Our MBR Process is the outcome of engineering design and calculations
Moving Bed Bioreactor MBBR
Moving Bed Bioreactor MBBR based Sewage Treatment Plant
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Membrane Bioreactor MBR

We offer high quality Membrane Bioreactor used for industries for their sewage treatment plants , effluent treatment plants .The MBR process involves a suspended growth activated sludge system that utilises microporous membranes for solid/liquid separation in lieu of secondary clarifiers. This very compact arrangement produces a MF/UF quality effluent suitable for reuse applications or as a high quality feed water source for Reverse Osmosis treatment. Indicative output quality of MF/UF systems include SS < 1mg/L, turbidity <0.2 NTU and up to 4 log removal of virus (depending on the membrane nominal pore size). In addition, it provides a barrier to certain chlorine resistant pathogens such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

Advantages of Membrane Bioreactor

  • MBR plant requires only about half of the space required for conventional STP / ETP

    Kindly note MBR only requires half the space of conventional STP , in conventional STP Retention time used to be 20 hours to 24 hours

  • MBR plant generates highly stabilized sludge of low volume
  • High quality treated water is generated from MBR plant
  • Sludge bulking, sludge rising, etc problems associated with clarifier unit are eliminated

MBR Limitations

  • MBR requires fine screening (1 mm OR LESS) - more expensive than standard waste water screening.
  • MBR requires high MLSS recirculation rates - AS permeate is removed through the membranes , the already high conc of SS at the membrane Surface of MBR increases and fouling rates are compounded . This requires recirculating MLSS within the bioreactor and thus results in large amount of Energy Consumption.
  • Low Peak Flow Tolerance – with the high membrane fouling environment constraining the flux , the MBR has very low peak flow tolerance , hence it requires large Equalization Tank Volume
  • The HIGH MLSS concentration of MBR reduces oxygen transfer efficiency within the Bioreactor , resulting in higher energy requirement in order to aerate the bioreactor
  • Nutshell The main Disadvantages of MBR is the high initial cost and regular cleaning of membrane filters at least once in 48 hours

Moving Bed Bioreactor MBBR

We offer high quality Moving Bed Bioreactor. MBBR systems are based on reactors that are filled with plastic carriers to provide a surface that is colonized by bacteria that grow into a biofilm. The reactors can be operated under aerobic conditions for BOD removal and nitrification or under anoxic conditions for denitrification. During operation, the carriers are kept in constant circulation. In an aerobic reactor, circulation is induced through the action of air bubbles injected into the tank by a coarse bubble diffuser system. In an anoxic reactor, a submerged mixer is typically supplied. The carriers can occupy up to 70% of the reactor volume on a bulk volume basis. click here to know more

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