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Dissolved Air Flotation
DAF System Manufacturer
We are the leading Manufacturer of DAF
Used to remove oil and grease from water and wastewater treatment plants , by the technique of solid liquid separation
DAF system comes with different shapes
Designs include circular DAF Rectangular DAF cross flow DAF and inclined parallel plate systems
DAF process is every effective for removing TSS and oil , grease
DAF has wide Applications in process industry
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Dissolved Air Flotation DAF

Daf Manufacturers

We are the leading manufacturer of Dissolved Air Flotation Systems commonly known as DAF systems. Applications of DAF system includes : Sewage Treatment Plant effluent treatment plant waste water treatment plants.
Daf is used for removing suspended matter that does not float or sink in water and waste water. Separation of suspended solids is done by fine gas bubbles which become attached to particulate matter, and float them to the surface where it is removed by skimming. Gas bubbles are introduced by reducing the pressure of the wastewater causing dissolved gases to be released. Commonly used to separate grease , oil and fat matters from industrial wastes.
Designs include Rectangular , circular , cross flow and inclined parallel plate systems

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