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Automatic Effluent Treatment Plants
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Compact Sewage Treatment Plants

Richa Environmental Services Private Limited is the leading manufacturer of compact Sewage Treatment Plants in India We offer highly efficient Compact Sewage Treatment Plant STP for the treatment of domestic waste water.
Compact Sewage Treatment Plants involves the following stages 1. Primary Treatment 2. Secondary Treatment (biological ) 3. Tertiary Treatment
1. Primary Treatment : removes large solids and other materials from raw wastewater.
2. Secondary Treatment : Biological Treatment / Aeration Reactor Converts the organic waste materials from the wastewater into sludge through the activity of microorganisms (click to know more about microorganisms ) into sludge
3. Tertiary Treatment : Treated water is passed through Pressure Sand Filter and Activated carbon filter and after that chlorination is done

Benefits of Our Compact STP Plants

1. Compact and small in size
2. Suitable for small spaces
3. Fully automatic Compact STP
4. Durable
5. Easy to operate
6. Less Operational Cost
7. Maintenance Free

Our Products

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