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Sewage Treatment Plant
Moving Bed Bioreactor (MBBR)
Effluent Treatment Plant
Membrane Bioreactor
Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR)
Lamella Clarifier
Reverse Osmosis
Demineralizer Plant
Ultra Filtration
Mineral Water Plant
Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)
Water Softening Plants
Activated Carbon Filter
Pressure Sand Filter

Dairy Industry Effluent Treatment Plants , Waste water treatment plants
Dairy waste water Industry includes
Whole milk
Skim milk
Evaporated milk
Ice cream

For Polluting industrial units across the country We install PETP Primary Effluent Treatment Plants with all functional reactors

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• Environmental Impact Assessment
• Waste Minimization
• Solid Waste and Oil Management

In low price we provide the best plant

cheap effluent treatment plants
Lamella Clarifier

lamella Clarifier is used for removing solids from the liquid ie solid liquid separation - Applications of lamella clarifier include : for Removing TSS from the wastewater - removing flocs from the biological reactor - removing flocs after the coagulation and flocculation treatment

• Fine Bubble Membrane Diffusers
• Disc Diffusers
• Coarse Bubble Diffusers
• Bio Pac Media
• Tube Pac Media /Tube Deck
• SAFF Media
MBBR Media for STP ETP Price Rs 10500/- per m3
• Bio tower media
Dual Media Filter MGF
Ion Exchange Treatment
Zero Discharge Industrial waste water treatment Sewage Treatment Plant
Zero Liquid Discharge ( ZLD )
Sample Volume Design for 1000 KLD ( 1 MLD ) Sewage waste water treatment plant in MBBR process Inlet parameters considered : BOD : 400 mg/ liter , COD : 600 mg/ liter , TSS : 850 mg/liter , TDS : 120 mg/liter
350 m3 Equalization Tank
250 m3 Aeration Chamber
50 m3/hr Tube Settler
45 m3 Chlorine Contact Tank
50m3/hour Pressure Sand filter
50m3/hour Activated Carbon Filter
Our products are the best in the market , known for their treatment efficiency , mathematical modeling of the process and engineering design , Our treatment plants are capable of handling High BOD COD rate , TSS , TDS , treatment of heavy metals from the industrial wastewater , chloride fluoride removal , iron removal
Sewage Treatment Plant

How Sewage Water can be recycled?
We are the leading experts for Treatment
We are the best and latest technology provider for STP
Our Treatment Plants are the outcome of engineering design and calculations
Save Environment and save water by recycling waste generated by your Industry, factory ,Residential Complex and Commercial Buildings

Effluent Treatment Plant

There is a strong correlation between BOD / COD ratio and treatment efficiency of any wastewater treatment plant . Along with BOD , COD other factors affecting treatment plants are TSS , TDS , heavy metals , color , pH , smell etc. Best effluent treatment plant is therefore designed by taking into account all inlet parameters and correlating them with the technology used. Everybody whosoever is associated with any industry is aware of these small but effective parameters , Our ETP is designed by correlating these parameters mathematically.

Membrane Bioreactor ( MBR )
Moving Bed Bioreactor (MBBR)

MBBR is the latest and widespread technology for the effluent treatment plants and Sewage treatment plant - MBBR based wastewater treatment plant uses the surface area provided by the bio film / mbbr media for the growth of bacteria

Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR)
Reverse Osmosis
Ultrafiltration UF system
Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)
Compact Effluent Treatment Plant
Mobile Sewage Treatment Plant
Activated Carbon Filter
Pressure Sand Filter

BOD 5 = 0.68 X COD for designing of sewage water treatment and waste water treatment plants , Our Treatment Plants are mathematically precise plants taking into consideration all engineering , physical , chemical and biological aspects of the industrial effluents as well as for the sewage waste water , Efficiency of our treatment plants is the main highlight

efficient low cost sewage treatment plant feel free to contact us for Effluent Treatment Plants , Sewage treatment Plant , Lamella clarifier , DAF , Pressure Sand filter , Activated Carbon filter , Membrane Bioreactor , MBBR , Ultrafiltration package type sewage treatment plant , compact and small wastewater treatment plant mobile wastewater treatment system , low cost effluent treatment plants ( low operational cost ETP )
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Activated Carbon Filter  Pressure Sand Filter

Richa Environmental Services Private Limited

STP Efficient treatment plant in market are here - Environmental Experts
We are Richa Environmental Services Private Limited premier consulting firm / manufacturer situated in Delhi the capital of India . Our Company is the leading manufacturer and Supplier of industrial Waste Water Treatment Plants, Sewage Treatment Plants, Waste water Recycling Plants Treating Equipment Water Treatment Plants Fine Bubble Membrane Diffusers Disc Diffusers Coarse Bubble Diffusers Bio Pac Media Tube Pac Media / Tube Deck SAFF Media MBBR Media Bio tower media Reactor Clarifiers , Hydraulic Filter Press , Clariflocculator , API Type Oil Separators , Flocculators , Flash Mixer , Aerator Clarifier , dewatering systems , Effluent treatment plants Dissolved Air Flotation ( DAF ) Lamella Clarifier Separator Ultra filtration Activated Carbon Filter Pressure Sand Filter Dual Media Filter Packaged type Sewage treatment plants Compact Sewage Treatment Plant Zero Discharge Effluent Treatment Plants . We are the team of dynamic , innovative professional engineers. We expertise in the use and implementation of client specific / site specific design of water and wastewater treatment plants optimization in the area of design and Waste Minimization Process for Industries Our objective is to identify all reasonable alternatives and evaluate the best based on the customers need and design realistic and affordable project in time and within budget . In low price we provide the best plant kindly note we do not use cheap material for manufacturing our plants . We use the guidelines of EPA and Indian Government for the process of Sewage treatment plant

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Ultrafiltration Reverse Osmosis DM Plant


We are presently offering detailed review of STP , ETP plants.
If your plant is having any problem , Than send us complete details of the plant along with problems faced. Our Engineers will review and suggest best economical and upto date solutions for your system.