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Articles on Water and wastewater Treatment Plants
SAFF is Submerged Aerobic Fixed Film Reactor
Aeration Chamber is Directly propotional to the inlet BOD and inversely propotional to the MLSS
COD is Chemcial Oxygen Demand
Perfect Design is the soul of Treatment Plants
Air supplied should be well calculated
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Treatment Plants

Articles 1. Aeration Chamber

This Article is to show light on Aeration Chamber / Reactor / SAFF Reactor / MBBR Reactor / Conventional Aeration Reactor and how to check for engineering aspects for Aeration Chamber for Sewage Treatment Plants , Effluent Treatment Plants for example head room , shape of reactor , platform etc Click here for the article

Article 2. Equalization Tank

Commonly known as collection tank , crucial parameter for the treatment of effluent as well as sewage Click here for the article

Article 3. Bar Screen Chamber

mostly ignored in any treatment plant but our company Richa Environmental Services Private Ltd , known for best treatment plants carefully design bar screen chamber . coming soon .